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Come join us to enjoy a beverage or two from Rushing Duck! Draft list: Naysayer Pale Ale - 5.2% ABV – Naysayer is a West Coast styled pale ale. With over 2 lbs. of hops per barrel, it has more hoppy character than most IPAs, but with a modest ABV, medium-light body, and 35 IBUs it maintains the drinkability of a great Pale Ale. It has a deep golden hue, an effervescent citrusy/floral aroma, and just enough malt character to keep the hoppiness in check. War Elephant Double IPA - 8.7%ABV - War Elephant is as unapologetic as Double IPAs get. At over 4lbs. of hops per barrel, War Elephant contains a completely irrational amount of hops designed to create a unique hop experience. It has a “smack-you-in-the-face” hop aroma consisting of pine needles, grapefruit, tangerine, and other citrus fruits. Unlike many other Double IPAs, though, War Elephant has a subdued malt character so it’s never cloyingly sweet, and at 80 IBUs it isn’t overly bitter. Like all Rushing Duck beers, War Elephant is unfiltered so as not to strip any of the precious hop aromas from the beer. As a result it has a hazy golden color with a thick rocky head. The name: War Elephants date back the 4th century BC in India where elephants were bred and trained to fight in an “elephant cavalry” as transport, but also as a weapon used to stampede the enemy. Unconfirmed rumors suggest that the elephants were sometimes given fermented beverages as a means to make them more aggressive as well as feel numb to injuries of war. Rushing Duck Brewing in no way encourages you to feed beer to elephants or any other animal, nor do we encourage animal fighting…but it is a pretty cool story. Baby Elephant Session IPA - 4.4% abv. Baby is our Nice Weather-Backyard Drinking-Style IPA. It has the hoppy flavor and aroma of a Double IPA, but at 4.4% abv. it’s manageable to have a few without falling over! Baby Elephant is brewed with pale malt, wheat, and oats to give it enough body, but no cloying sweetness. It’s alsohopped with Simcoe, Centennial, Chinook, and Summit hops, which give Baby Elephant its signature juicy, citrus west-coast hop profile. Available during the Spring and Summer. Zingerbier Ginger Berliner Weisse - 4.6% abv.- Zingerbier is our take on a German-style Berliner Weisse. Traditionally brewed for the warmer months, Berliner Weisses are naturally soured to create a highly drinkable, refreshing beer. The quenching tartness of this beer is not dissimilar to that of a lemon, so we thought "what could we add to make this beer even more refreshing?" Ginger! Lemon/lime and ginger are a classic pairing in the culinary and beverage world for their ability to add subtle flavors that are as complex as they are refreshing. This is our Summer Seasonal. Look for cans of Zingerbier this summer! Dog's Bollocks 2013 - 9.5% abv – Dog’s Bollocks is an English Style Ale, not unlike a classic Barleywine. To make this beer even more complex and flavorful, 25% of the beer has been aged in oak barrels that were originally used to age Bourbon. The base beer is rich and malty. It has a distinct caramel and biscuity flavors, and is balanced nicely with a nice dose of English hops. From there the barrel aging process helps smooth the beer out by adding vanilla, spice, oak, and bourbon notes to the beer. This beer is the “Dog’s Bollocks.” Pomme de Chester - 9.5% abv - Belgian tripel brewed with 50% local cider from roes orchard in Chester, NY. Fermented for 3 months with belgian yeast and Brett. Pomme has an apple aroma and taste without cidery sweetness and a funky back end.

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